Reliability and performance
is what really counts
in the field




Farmers can't afford to risk equipment failure, and that's why Tsubaki achieves total reliability with our products for agriculture. Driven by the on-going market demand for higher performance and increased efficiency, agricultural equipment manufacturers are always focused on further improvement of their product line-up. Tsubaki, more than others, understands the need for reliable parts that can endure the harsh conditions and long operating cycles in the agricultural industry.

Many Tsubaki products are designed to be inherently resistant to dust, debris and shock loads - therefore they are perfectly adapted to agricultural applications.


Superior chain, superior performance!

Almost 70% of all baler manufacturers choose Tsubaki Heavy Duty chain series to be installed in the main drive system. Compared to other brands Tsubaki Heavy Duty series offers higher tensile strength, higher anti-shock performance and better fatigue strength.

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